The Comment function helps team members to collaborate with other team members by communicating, discussing, or updating their work status. It captures all the communication and updates of a task.

How to input a comment

You can input a comment on a registered issue with the following steps. 

  1. Go to a registered task page.
  2. Click on the comment bar at the bottom of the page.
  3. Input your message in the comment box.
  4. Click Submit to post your comment.

Tip: The Comment function supports emoticons and other basic text formatting such as bold, italic, bullet list, number list, quote, code, etc.

For comprehensive formatting rules, you can view them by clicking on the ? icon at the comment box.


Notifying members in a comment

You can notify members or teams participating in the project so that they are alerted about updates or communications within the task. 

To notify members or teams about your comment, use the mention function (@username). Notified members will receive notifications in Backlog. 


Attaching file in your comment

You can attach a file or image in the new comment. To do so, at the left side of the comment box, click on the clip icon (attach file) > drag & drop files / select files from your PC folder

An image tag will appear in the comment input box after you have added the attachment.

Tip: If a comment has been posted and you wish to attach the file in the posted comment, go to the comment, select more icon (...) > select Attach file.


You can learn more about file size and limitations in our support article on attaching files to an issue


Other functions after posting comments

After posting a comment, you can perform other functions such as edit comment, attach a file (attachment), copy the comment URL, and delete a comment. 

To access these functions, go to the posted comment and select more icon (...)

  • Edit comment
    Only the commenter is able to edit the comment posted by them. The edited changes will not change or delete the email notification or in-app notification that has been sent to the members earlier. 

  • Attach a file
    You can attach a file or image to your posted comment.

  • Copy URL
    You can copy any posted comment’s URL and share it with other members. 

  • Delete
    Only the commenter can delete their own posted comment. Deleted comments will not delete the email notification or in-app notification that members have received earlier.


Add a comment via email notifications

You can add a comment via email by replying to the email notifications, and the contents of your email will be added to the issue as a comment.

Adding comments via email replies is possible with the following conditions:

  • When you are replying to an email notification about an added issue or comment with the registered email address in Backlog. 
  • You have your personal settings set to "receive emails". 


  • You may not be able to register a comment via email even if all conditions above are met. It is dependent on some settings or the email software you are using.
  • File attachment via email is not supported and attached email files will not be attached in the issue comment. 



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