Your pull requests

Your pull request | BacklogIf the Project you're working within has Git enabled, you will see a section on your Dashboard that says "My Pull Requests." Under this section, you will see 10 of your pull requests (either assigned to or created by you) from all projects.
If there are more than 10 issues that you are in charge of, clicking  shows all of your pull requests in the expanded view.


You can also filter by search queries.


"Assigned to me": Issues you are in charge of completing
"Created by me": Issues you have created

To learn more about Pull Requests, click here. 

By pressing the  button, you can filter your search by pull request title and key.

Clicking your pull request's title hides the details of your pull request.

Note: Only administrators and users can access the repository in the Backlog server and from the Git page. Guest users cannot access these pages.

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