Adding issues via email

Sending an email to the specified email address will generate an issue automatically.

For example, forwarding an inquiry from your contact form to the email address will create a new issue regarding that inquiry.

Issue details such as the assignee, deadline and category can be registered and shared among Project members for smoother and more convenient operations.




Multiple email addresses can be authorized to add issues for each Project. Only administrators can edit the list of issue address' email addresses.

Browse the history of emails delivered to the email address to add issues.


To enable this feature, go to your Project Settings > Integrations > Add Issues via Email. Then, click "Add an email address authorized to add Issues".

After setting up the email address, any information sent to that email address will automatically generate an Issue in Backlog. 


Files attached to the email will be added to the Issue.

The number of files and file size that you can attach to issues differ according to your plan. If the files attached to the email exceed your plan's restrictions, the file will not be added.


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