Managing Users' Email Notification Settings

Backlog sends emails to all users that belong to a Backlog space - Administrators, Members, and Guests - when there are updates to Projects they are apart of, such as when new issues or comments are added.


Email Settings consist of General settings and Settings for each Project (can only be configured by individual users).


On this page, we will explain General settings.


Receive emails

Check this box to allow users to receive emails about Project updates or Project reports.

 Members can also refine the type of emails they want to receive from each project they are a part of. For more details, refer to Email Notifications for each Project.


Do not include emails with 'New', 'Comment on', 'Closed' or 'Assigned' in the email subject.

Check this box to exclude "New", "Comment on", "Closed", or "Assigned" in the email title so that email notifications for an issue will be shown in one thread on Gmail.


Backlog newsletters

Only individual users can set their newsletter preferences on Nulab Apps. For more information, please refer to Managing newsletter preferences on Nulab Apps.

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