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    Soo Hian

    Hi Vikas,

    unfortunately, Backlog does not have the feature for cross-project reports yet.

    Currently, the over-view of issue status and milestones are contained for the individual projects. 

    I understand that comparing across projects would be useful for the organization; and I'll feedback this to our developers.

    Thank you for your enquiry.


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    Soo Hian

    Hi Vikas,

    To find the oldest issues across all your open projects, perhaps you can use the "Find issues" function at the top navigation bar in Backlog (a.k.a. Global Bar).


    1. Click on the 3 dots menu, and then click "Find Issues".


    2A. In this page, you can "Find Issues in All Projects". Select the conditions to filter the issue results.

    You can also search by keywords.

    If you did not enter any conditions for the search, it means "everything" by default.



    (i). The search is only within projects where you are a member. If you are an administrator of the Backlog space but not a project member, you can't search that specific project. 

    (ii). If there are too many issues, the search might take some time.


    2B. You can also search by date and keywords.


    3. The results will load at the bottom of the page. 


    You can then click to sort the issue results by ascending or descending dates.

    This way, you can find the oldest issues across multiple projects which you are a member of. And also export the list in CSV, Excel or printable page format.


    I hope this is useful for you.



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