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    Solomio Sisante


    I'm just new to backlog and just evaluating it for our company's development purposes. I tried adding our existing Git Repo but I could not find any documentations on how to. Please help as I'm the one who's recommending this to our CEO.


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    Soo Hian

    Hi Solomio,

    Did you have trouble creating a Git remote repo on Backlog?

    You can refer to our guides:

    Create a remote repository in Backlog

    Push to remote repo

    If you experienced difficulty pushing to the Backlog repo, there may be various reasons:

    1. Perhaps your admin has enable 2FA in the Backlog space, you will need to generate a password for Git (https) and use that with your username/email login. Details on 2FA here.


    2. Or if you are not using HTTPS but SSH to connect to the Backlog repo. It could be the SSH connection settings: SSH connection settings

    I hope this helps you. Perhaps you can share more details about the problem you encountered.

    If you continue to have trouble, you can get support via the pop-up chat on or in your Backlog window.


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    ninz eclarin

    Hello Solomio,

    Do you have an existing initialized git repo and want to migrate to backlog?
    You can add a new remote to your exiting git repo like this. 

    git remote add <remote_name> <remote_url>

    Then you can basically push everything in your new remote_url after doing this. Hope this helps.

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