Recovery actions during server outage

Our server is located in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) data centers and we monitor our server reports 24/7. Our operational team will be alerted immediately regarding system abnormalities, and will provide countermeasures or recovery when there is a server failure. 

After detecting the server failure, we will take the following actions. 

  • The primary response is carried out by the data center. We will also work with the data center to find out the cause and the solution for the failure. 
  • We will also announce the system failure and recovery details on our websites, and in the Backlog app. 

When we perform the recovery, the duration it takes to restore the system depends on the severity of the causes. 


How do we backup data

To recover the data in case of server failure, we take the following preventive measures. 

  • Real-time - replication of data to another server 
  • Once a day - full database backups (14 backup records are retained)

Data is backed up and stored in AWS, and in the unlikely event that a failure occurs in the data area, we will restore the service with the backups. 

To learn more about Backlog security and data policies, please refer to the Security page and the Privacy Policy page. 

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