Update and manage burndown chart settings

Backlog’s burndown chart reflects the work progress for a milestone, including the milestone’s start and end dates, and the issues grouped in the milestone. The factors that affect the burndown chart progress are the status of the issues, issues’ due date, and the estimated hours required to complete the issues. 

Note: Burndown chart function is only available to users under the Standard plan and above. 

Enable burndown charts in a project

To use the burndown chart:

  1. Go to Project Settings > General.
  2. Under Attributes and functionality, select Enable priorities, versions and milestones and Enable charts


  • Enabling charts will allow you to input the start date and estimated hours/actual hours in issues.
  • Enabling priorities, versions and milestones allows you to use milestones in the project.
  • To show the burndown chart on the project homepage, you must create a milestone with a start and due date and group issues to the milestone.
  • To consider Resolved status as a Closed status on the burndown chart, you can check on the Consider Resolved as Closed option in the Other section.
  • Only Project Administrators or Administrators are able to access Project Settings and enable charts.


Set burndown chart timeline

The span of the burndown chart is dependent on the milestones timeline. To set span: 

  1. Go to Project Settings > Version/Milestone.
  2. Select Add Version / Milestone.
  3. Input a name for the milestone and set the Start Date and End Date. Click Submit to add the milestone. 


  • The burndown chart will only show on the project home page during the period indicated by the start and end dates set in the milestone. 
  • If the start date is set to a later or future date, the burndown chart will not be shown; it will only show on the project home page at the actual date.  

To learn more about how to add and edit milestones settings, refer to
Add and edit a version or milestone support article.


Update issue fields for tracking in the burndown chart

When milestone, due date and estimated hours are input in the issues, their data will be used  to plot the “estimated line.” 

To learn more about how the lines plot and work on the burndown chart, refer to the Burndown chart overview support article.

To update milestone, due date and estimated hours on the issue page: 

  1. On the issue registration page, input details for milestones, due date, and estimated hours
  2. Select Save if you are editing an issue or Add if you are registering a new issue to apply changes. 


  • If the estimated hours field is left blank, it will be calculated as 1 hour. 
  • To create an accurate burndown chart, we recommend that you always update the estimated hours field. 


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