Size limit for Git repository

In Backlog, we do not set any size limits for the Git repository but if the repository size is large, users may face some challenges in using Git, such as issues when cloning the repository. Therefore, we recommend that a single Git repository be maintained up to 1GB in size. 


Failure to clone repository due to large repository size

If the Git repository size is more than 1GB, you may face difficulties when cloning the repository. If you failed to clone the repository due to its size, please consider using Git shallow clone as below. 

git clone --depth 1 [repository_url]

git fetch --unshallow


Alternate options when repository size exceeds 1GB

If the Git repository size has exceeded 1GB, alternatively, you can consider using Git LFS as there is no size limit on Git LFS.


Examine the size of a single repository

In the Backlog Space Settings page, it will reflect the total size of the Git repositories created within a project. To further examine the size of a single repository created in a project, you can check it in your local repository with the command below.

git clone <target repository>

cd <target repository>

du -sh .git


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