Board Overview

Each project has its own Board. The Board helps you to visualize your workflow within the project on a Kanban-style whiteboard.  

You can easily manage your issues’ statuses by moving their Board cards to the respective status columns, and you can add new issues directly from the Board.

 Board Components

1. Filters

You can filter your view by issue type, category, milestone, or assignee. To hide the filters section, select the “Hide Filters” icon.

2. Status Columns 

Each column represents a different stage in your workflow. If you are using default statuses in Backlog, the Board’s columns will reflect the Open, In-Progress, Resolved, and Closed statuses.

If you are using custom statuses within the project, the status columns will reflect that workflow based on the status order you’ve set in the Project Settings. 

3. Board Cards

Each card represents an issue. The card contains information about the issue such as issue key, subject of the issue, assignee, and due date. You can drag and drop cards to the respective status columns to change an issue’s status.

4. +Add Issue

You can add a new issue within the project right from the Board with this function.


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