Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for all users

If you’re an administrator in your Backlog account, you can enable the Two-Factor Authentication setting from the access control screen. This feature is available to users of the Premium and Platinum plans (but excludes the Classic plan) of Backlog.

The feature can be seen in Backlog below:



Two-Factor Authentication is applied to the following:

  • Access to Space (Including access from mobile)
  • Access to File(WebDAV)
  • Access to Subversion
  • Access to Git via HTTP
  • Import to Milestone Calendar
  • Access to RSS


However, Two-Factor Authentication does not apply to the following: 

  • Access to Git via SSH
  • Access to API using API key
  • Import to Milestone Calendar using private address
  • Access to File(WebDAV), Subversion, Git via HTTP and RSS using Special Password


Important notice

If a user who previously disabled Two-Factor Authentication accesses Backlog on a Space where the administrator has now enabled the setting for all users, they will see a message informing them that Two-Factor Authentication is now required going forward.

After Two-Factor Authentication setting is enabled, you cannot use normal passwords for basic authentication when accessing by file, Subversion, Git (https), and RSS. Therefore, please be prepared to create a special password.

You can create a special password from Personal Settings > Password.


Individual user settings

If the organization does not enable the two-factor authentication, individual users can opt to enable two-factor authentication in the Personal Settings > Password > Enable Two-Factor Authentication.



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