Canceling your plan

Only the Plan Administrator can perform the contract cancellation procedure. To learn more about managing your plan and subscription, refer to the Manage your plan support article. 


Stop Subscription (Stop Recurring Payment) 

To cancel your recurring payments or suspend your current subscription, please go to Organization Settings > Plans > at Current Plan section, select Stop subscription. This will suspend the recurring payments and your subscription. Your Space is still available until the end of the monthly (or yearly) contract billing date. 


Closing your Space and data deletion

If you would like to delete your entire organization or Space, go to Organization Settings > Organization > Profile > select Delete organization

Your data stored in Backlog will be deleted when you cease the use of the services. 

Your organization data and user data will be deleted according to the Nulab Service Supplemental Terms regarding Privacy and Security. The data cannot be retrieved once it is deleted.



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