Adding, Deleting, and Editing users

Adding Users

Adding individuals

Adding users in bulk

Invitation Links

Bulk Members Invite (.csv)

Deleting Users

Editing Users


Administrators can add, delete, and edit users.

You can add and delete users using Nulab Apps, and you can edit users using both Backlog and Nulab Apps.

You can access all of these options by selecting "Space Settings" from the header menu, navigating to your  "User Settings", and selecting "User."


Adding users

From the user menu, you can select "Add User" or "Manage Users on Nulab Apps."

Adding individuals

Select "Add User", select the role you would like to invite them to the organization under, and then click "Next."

If necessary, modify which teams you would like to add the users to. After that, enter their email addresses and click "Invite Members."

This method will work if you have to add a small number of users to your organization, but it's not optimum for adding large amounts of users at once.

Adding users in bulk

After navigating to Space Settings > User Settings > User, select "Manage Users on Nulab Apps." Then, click the menu icon next to your Organization name:

You can then either generate an Invitation Link or conduct a "Bulk members Invite" via a CSV file.

Invitation Links

Click "Invitation links" from the menu. Then, click "Invite using a link".

Select the teams and the user role you would like the recipients to have, and then click "Create Link". You can paste it onto whichever medium makes it easiest for your team members.

Bulk Members Invite (.csv)

If you select "Bulk members invite", there will be instructions for you to follow on the page. Simply fill out the .csv file as instructed and upload it to Nulab apps. Uploading this file will generate invitation emails to all of the included recipients.

Deleting users

To delete users, go to Space Settings > User Settings > User, and then click "Manage users on Nulab apps". Hover to the user account you want to delete and select "Remove."

Editing users

To edit user privileges or Backlog email settings, go to Space Settings > "User Settings > User" and click on the users you would like to edit.

To edit user roles, click "Manage users on Nulab apps." Then, click the checkbox next to the user accounts to see the other user role options you can switch the user to.



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