Bulleted List



Bulleted List


Lines starting with a hyphen ( - ) are considered as part of a bulleted list.

Lines starting with a plus sign (+) are considered part of a numbered list.

When you type:


Bulleted List

- Item-A

- Item-B

-- Item-B-1

--- Item-B-2-a


numbered list

+ Item-A

+ Item-B

+ Item-C


It will appear as:


Bulleted List



numbered list


Checklist (issue description only)

In your list, add " [ ] " or " [x] " after the dash to convert it to a list of checkboxes.

Issues are updated when you (un)select a checkbox.


When you type:


- [ ] Item-A

- [x] Item-B

-- [ ] Item-B-1

--- [ ] Item-B-2-a

You'll get:




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