Changing your plan


The Administrator can change the plan by following the "Upgrade Plan" on the organization settings page.

To change your Space’s plan, go to the Global Navigational Bar > Organization Settings > Plan.






*The differences will take effect only when the plan has been changed while the Space is active.

You can change your plan anytime. You will be able to use the new plan immediately. 

 If you are upgrading, the new rate will be applied from the next day.

If you are downgrading, the new rate will be applied from the next term.


Your contact information is required to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan.

There will be no free trial period if you’re upgrading from the free plan to the paid plan.

You pay the difference between the plans until the end of the current contract term. Then, you will be charged the upgrade price at the beginning of the new contract term.

The paid period will start immediately, so if you wish to try out a paid plan before upgrading your free plan Space, please register another trial Space to test out the paid plan features.


There will be no refunds for downgrading your plan. 

Your data will be carried on to the new plan, but if you are using more storage than the new plan, you will not be able to create new files. Please delete any unused data to add more files.

When you downgrade your plan, the new charge will be applied from the next payment term. 


For information on changes related to payment, refer to "Changing the contract duration".


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