Access Control

This feature limits access to only registered IP addresses. For example, you can limit access to your Space only from your office.

Setting Access Control

Space Access can be limited to specified IP addresses (for paid plan users above the Starter Plan). Please use this option to restrict access from other IP addresses according to your company's security policies.

Click "Access Control" on Space Settings. Enter the IP Addresses that are allowed to access the space.


"Your IP address" is the current address that your PC is accessing Backlog from.

Please include your IP address in the list of allowed IP addresses or you will not be able to access Backlog from your terminal.

If no allowed IP address is set, access points will not be controlled.


Removing Access Control

To remove an IP address restrictions, select "x"(1) to delete on the specific registered IP and click the "Submit"(2) button to apply the changes. 

When you removed all registered restricted IP addresses, a warning notification(3) will display. Click "Submit"(2) button again to apply the final changes. 



IP Address Limit 

You can limit which IP addresses can access your Space on Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.
The number of IP address that you can set depends on your plan.
- Standard plan: 50
- Premium plan: 100
- Enterprise plan: Unlimited



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