Server information

Email notifications from Backlog will be sent from the following IP addresses:

If your email server restricts receiving emails from certain IP addresses, please allow emails from these IP addresses.

This information is on the DNS as SPF record, too.

How we deal with server outages

Our server is located in a data center with 24/7/365 surveillance and we'll be alerted immediately if there is an emergency. We have a solid system to get the server back to normal.

Described below is the way we take care of the problem after detecting the failure:

Data center deals with the failure first. The Data center and Backlog staff work together to find the cause and the solution of the failure.

We announce the system failure on our websites. The recovery of the server will be also announced on the websites with additional information, such as the time period and cause of the failure.

The duration before getting back to normal depends on what caused the failure. We try to recover the system as quick as possible.

We cannot announce details about our servers due to security concerns.

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