About Members

You can view and search your organization members or project members on the Members page.

To view members, go to the global navigation > select menu button > select Members.

Each member's user name with their last login date or time will be shown on the Members page. By hovering over the member's card, you can also quickly access the member's Activity or personal Gantt Chart.


View of member’s list

The view of the members list is limited to the user's roles and privileges in the organization.

User's role

Members list that will be displayed

Administrators / Project Administrator

All members

Normal members

Members in the project(s) that you are participating in


Member’s profile view

By clicking a member card, you can view the member’s profile page. On the profile page, you can:

  • view the member’s biography
  • view the recent activities from the Activity tab
  • view the member’s personal Gantt chart from the Gantt Chart tab

Note: Personal Gantt Chart does not support the drag and drop function to change the start and due date of the task. The drag and drop function is only supported in the project Gantt Chart. 



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