Issue Type

Editing an Issue Type

Adding an Issue Type

Editing the Details of an Issue Type

Delete Issue Type


Type of issue.

Users can add issue types for each Project.

The following issue types are available as defaults for new Projects.




– problems, bugs, defects, etc.



– tasks, to-do, etc.



– requests, questions, etc.



– other types than above

Editing Issue Type

Accessing "Edit Issue Type" will show this page with a list of issue types.


Permissions to edit issue types are given to "Administrators" and "Normal Users".


Adding an Issue Type

When you click "Add Issue Type", a page to add the issue type will be shown.


After entering the Issue Type and selecting the Background color, please press "Submit".

Editing the Details of an Issue Type

Clicking Issue Type displays a page to edit the issue type.Edit_Details_of_Issue_Type.png


After selecting the Issue Type you want to edit and selecting the Background color, please press "Submit".

Delete Issue Type

You can delete an Issue Type by clicking the Delete_Issue_Type1.pngbutton next to Issue Type.


If there are issues with the Issue Type you are trying to delete, the "Deletion and putting substitution of issue type" window will pop up. Please select a substitute Issue Type before deleting the Issue Type.



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