Adding Projects

To add a Project, please click your icon in the top righthand corner, then go to Space Settings > Project Settings > Project.


Enter the "Project Name" and "Project Key" and press "Submit" to add the Project.

The Project key is an abbreviated name (code name) of the Project. It is used to reference the issue link (i.e. BLG-52).


Click the arrow next to Advanced Settings to expand the settings menu.



By checking the "Enable Charts" box, you can use Gantt and Burndown Charts.

You'll be able to input the Start Date and Estimated Hours/Actual Hours taken to resolve an Issue on any individual Issue in order to use charts.


Checking the "Enable Subtasking" box will let you use parent-child issue relationships for this Project.


"Formatting rules" set the formatting rules for this Project. "Backlog", "Markdown" or "Use Space setting" options are available.

Formatting rules for your Space can be set on the Space settings page.

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