Webhooks send information on Backlog (e.g., events shown in the Recent Updates section of the Dashboard like "Issue added" or "Comment added") as an HTTP POST command to a specified URL (server) in real time.

With Webhook, Backlog can be integrated into third-party applications, including chat services such as Typetalk.

Note: The specified Webhook URL needs to be accessible from Backlog server. URLs that are not accessible from Backlog (i.e., servers in the Intranet) cannot be specified. Similarly, private network IP addresses, such as "192.168.x.x", cannot be specified.

As described below, information (e.g., commit messages) will be sent. Please use HTTPS URLs if you wish to protect your data.


Data Formatting

Webhook sends data to the specified URL by PUSH in JSON format. Please run tests, since aside from some commonalities, each field of JSON data differs for each event.

The type field will show the same data as Backlog's "Get Recent Updates" API.

On the Webhook list page, you can add, edit and view registered Webhooks.


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