Subversion Summary

Subversion is one of the reversion control system that helps developers maintain current and previous versions of files.


Do not use Subversion in this Project

Select this option if you do not wish to use Subversion in this Project. The "Subversion" tab on the top of the page will not be shown.


Create a repository on Backlog

 The URL of your Project will be https://[Space ID][Project key]. 


 To access this Subversion repository, you'll be asked to enter your user ID and password.

You can receive the summary of commits via email if you turn Project Mail and Subversion on from your Personal Setting page.


Use an external repository (Standard plan and up)

 If your company already has a Subversion repository, you can use that existing repository of external servers. The repository is accessible using http or https.

Users can view the repository revision information and commit log.

Please note that when you decide to use an external repository, it could take a while to display the screen, as the revision information and files are acquired through a network.

Accessing repositories on the Backlog server and "Subversion" page are available for Administrator and Normal Users.

Guest users cannot access the repository or "Subversion" page.

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