Searching by Keywords

 1. Keyword search within the Space (Global search)

Keywords can be searched from the entire space clicking the 🔍icon on the global navigation and inputting the keyword. 


It searches and displays in 5 category - Issue, Wiki, Shared File, Pull request, and Member corresponding to the input keyword. 


2. Search for Issues within Project

Issues can be searched within Project by inputting keywords in the "Search an issue" bar after selecting the 🔍icon on the right side of the project name. 


Search and the display will be corresponding to the entered keywords.



The syntax for search

There are 2 syntax options can be used while performing the different method of searches. 

1. NOT syntax (Global search)

The NOT syntax is for finding things that contain (word A) but (word B). This is helpful when you want to omit certain words or unwanted results. 

"-" before the omitting word will help to filter out the intention omitted keyword. For example, inserting "-01" will get the search results related to example without "01" words. 



2. OR syntax (Issue search within projects)

 OR syntax is for finding things that contain either (word A) OR (word B) within a project search. 


For example, inserting "OR" word within the keywords will get all the search results which contain these keywords. 


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