Categories classify issues into general groups.

Multiple categories can be added for each Project.

(Administrator and Normal Users are given permissions.)

Category Settings

You can edit a Category from Edit Category link located on the right of Project Home.


To add a category, select Add Category on the List of Categories page.


Category Settings | Backlog 

Entering the Category Name and pressing "Submit" will create a new category.


Adding and Editing Categories

Click a Category name in the List of Categories.


Edit the Category Name and press "Submit" button.



List of Categories

When a new Category is added, it will be shown in the List of Categories.

Clicking the List_of_Categories2.pngbutton will delete the category.


To change the category order, please drag and drop the List_of_Categories1.pngicon.


Sample Category Names

Set Categories to organize tasks. For example:


Software Development Project


Subsystem A, Subsystem B, Common Features, etc.


Planning Project


Negotiation, Press Release, etc.

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