Adding a pull request

Access the “Add pull request” page from the Git Branches page, the Comparing branches and tags page, or the Pull requests page.

Add pull request | Backlog

Select the target branch (the base branch. Then, select the feature branch (also known as the topic branch, the branch containing new changes to be merged) from the "Branch" pulldown menu.

When the target branch and the feature branch are selected, the changes in commits and files (ie: the “diffs”) will be shown. Differences in binary data files, such as a PNG image being updated, will not be shown.

When the feature branch includes a Backlog issue key, the issue's subject will be shown in the "Subject" box.

The issue key will be referenced automatically in the "Related Issue" box.

You can manually change this if necessary.

"Subject" is a required field.

Enter the username of the person who will review and merge the pull request in the "Assignee" box.

The assignee receives a notification when the user who added the pull request and the assignee are different.

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