Git settings

By checking the box for "Connect issue references and log keywords" and add an issue key when you commit, the comment will automatically post on the issue.

Choose "Disable Git" to stop using Git on the Project.


On Backlog, the person updated of commits on Git will be determined by the following order:

  • if the commit Author is the same as the Backlog user, the user's name will be shown
  • if the Author's email address is the same as the Backlog user’s, the user's name will be shown
  • if none of the above applies, the user who pushed the commit’s name will be shown

In cases like moving commits from other repositories when there are no users on Backlog, the updated people would all change to a specific user.
To avoid this, we recommend setting Backlog's usernames and email addresses in the following settings:

$ git config --global <your name>
$ git config --global <your email address>

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